And that was that

It’s all over bar the marking!

On 28 March we all made our final verbal presentations, talked about how our projects had gone and what we’d achieved. There was such variety – copywriting, the publishing industry, ‘nothing is original’, three novels, short stories, non-fiction writing about parenting and the food industry, magazine article writing, writing for wellbeing, blogging, poetry and a radio drama. Everyone did so well. At the end we were sad. The end. The end of the course and the end of undergraduate life. Some have firm plans for their next steps, others don’t, me included. Writing will most definitely be involved.

And then we were all into write-up mode, zooming towards the 16 April deadline. For me, that meant  major changes in the light of my final supervision session. Good ones, I hope.

Now I’m rather adrift as, for the first time in all of my increasingly long life my commitments are few, and anchor points in the week few and far between. Now is a time of reflection and planning. What next? What kind of writing do I want to pursue? Where’s something new and different to keep the grey cells firing? What else would I like to do? Some different voluntary work, perhaps?

So far: a few FutureLearn courses, a course about film, culture and society at Nottingham’s wonderful Broadway Cinema, shadowing the course tutor of the creative writing arm of the Theatre Royal’s 55+ outreach project, Jo Bell’s facebook 52 poems, a birthday, a holiday, a writing course, not to forget choir, etc etc