Helena Durham graduated from the University in Nottingham with a BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing – first class, University Prize for outstanding academic achievement and Robert Peers School of Education prize.

Dissertation:  a 45 minute radio drama and an in depth exploration of two elements: dialogue as the vehicle for narration, setting, time frame, character, plot, tone and story; and the aesthetics of stylistic variation within a single work, i.e. naturalistic and poetic.

Third year research project: The Purpose and Meaning of Titles to Poets, Fiction Writers and Publishers.

Helena trained as a nurse, taught nurses and then worked for the Church of England. She is now an agnostic. Her pastimes include writing and literature related activities, choral singing, theatre, film, art (viewing not doing), photography and mindfulness.

Published works:

2010 – Out of the River, University of Nottingham: two poems and a short story

2011 – Assent, poetry journal: Telling the Stained Glass

2011 – Seventy – edited poetry anthology celebrating 70 years of the Nottingham Poetry Society: two poems

2011 – Into the Fire, University of Nottingham: two poems

2012 – Through the Aether: University of Nottingham: poem and non-fiction article: Step-mother of a Soldier

2012 – The Letters Page, (pilot edition) yes, you’ve guessed it, a fictional letter in the literary journal of letters, edited by Jon McGregor

2013 – Guest blog for Damien G. Walter

2014 – The Lumen: literary journal of the Dept Medical Humanities, University of Edinburgh: Dissociation, poem

2015 –  Nottingham Writers’ Studio journalA Sense of Place, poem

2015 –  The Letters Page, Issue 6: Cataracta,  a letter

2016 – Marbles Don’t Cry, anthology of the 55+ Creative Arts Programme, Theatre Royal, Nottingham:  How to Make a Nurse – memoir article


2012 – short-listed flash fiction piece for SoundSpiral, an art installation in the Cultural Olympiad

2014 – long-listed, BBC OpeningLines short story competition

Readings and performances:

2010, 2011, 2012 – University of Nottingham publication launches

2010 – Lowdham Festival of Literature

2011 – Southwell Poetry Festival

2012 – Nottingham Poetry Society for Nottingham’s St George’s Day celebration

2014 – Sharpham House, two poems and a sound piece at the end of a creative writing course led by Alice and Peter Oswald

2015 – comic poem within a performance by Kate Fox and Alfie Crow, Nottingham Writers’ Studio

2015 – Live at Lunch, Theatre Royal, Nottingham. Monologue – One Banana

Workshop leading/teaching:

2013/14 – 55+ writers, Theatre Royal, Nottingham, shadowing course tutor Cathy Grindrod and teaching parts and all of some sessions.


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