The Lumen – a long gestation but worth the wait!

A couple of years ago I responded to a call for submissions to a new University of Edinburgh journal of medical humanities to be called The Lumen, a magazine for new literature and visual art dealing with the themes of illness, medicine and healthcare. The theme was ‘sharp and numb’ and the editors were looking for art, photography, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and short reviews.

The poem I sent was accepted and edited and then all went quiet. I don’t know the full story, but I gather the project went through various vicissitudes. The team persevered and found the means to bring their baby (and mine) to birth. A few weeks ago, the beautiful print edition landed on my door mat, and last Friday the digital edition went live at the launch of the journal. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend – so far away – but one of the editors read my poem. It was a joy to hear that but a first to hlumenave someone else reading my work aloud to an audience in my absence. I found myself quite moved by that.

It’s a great journal/magazine full of wonderful images and writing – have a look at The Lumen (there’s a call for submissions for the next edition on page 92).